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Biometrics & AI

Biometrics & AI

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:30—16:30

Biometric Myths and Legends

Biometric authentication has achieved huge success in consumer applications like smartphones, payment cards and door locks. However several myths and misconceptions surrounding biometrics remain today, that can limit the adoption. In this myth busting session we will discuss some of those misconceptions and review future trends.

Hila Meller
Leading Cyber Ladies
A savvy public speaker and an advocate for diversity in tech. Co-founder of Leading Cyber Ladies, a global movement promoting diversity in Cyber Security. Recognized as a subject matter expert by...
Unlocking Identity Security with Behavioral Biometrics and AI

This session will explore the expansive role of Behavioral Biometrics and AI in the broader scope of identity and cybersecurity. Our discussion will encompass a range of advanced techniques, including traditional typing habits and mouse movements, as well as cutting-edge methods such as voice recognition, gait analysis, and understanding interactions with mobile devices. We will explore how these unique behavioral aspects offer a more holistic and secure approach to identity verification, differentiating it from traditional methods. The session will also delve into real-world applications, the technology's evolution, its impact on privacy and security, and future trends in the field. Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of how Behavioral Biometrics and AI are shaping the future of identity security and cybersecurity.

Hammad Ul Haq Abbasi
Software Architect
Hammad Ul-Haq Abbasi is an accomplished Software Architect at EmpowerID, with a deep-rooted background in the tech industry for over 14 years. His career highlights include significant...
Cloudy with a Chance of Breaches: Why Cloud-Based Biometrics Pose Privacy Concerns

Centralized biometrics protect user privacy like a band-aid protects a leak. In this session cryptography scholar Paolo Gasti will explain in simple terms why cloud-based biometrics as it currently exists puts biometric data at risk. Dr. Gasti will explain how to avoid the pitfalls associated with centralized storage systems and several emerging approaches that are tackling it.

Dr. Paolo Gasti
Associate Professor & CTO
New York Institute of Technology, Keyless
Dr. Paolo Gasti is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the New York Institute of Technology and the Co-Founder and CTO at Keyless. With over 50 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Gasti's...
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