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Beyond the Surface: The Dark Side of Digital Identity

Beyond the Surface: The Dark Side of Digital Identity

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:30—11:45
Location: A 05-06
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In the digital age, identity has transcended personal identification, evolving into a complex digital footprint that is as unique as it is vulnerable. This session focuses on the multifaceted and often hidden threats that lurk within digital identity to unravel the digital threats that individuals and organizations face in today's interconnected world.

We will explore the mechanics and implications of various threat vectors, including the insidious rise of bot attacks, the complexities of fraud, the nuances of credential stuffing, the emerging menace of synthetic identity fraud, and the impact of Generative AI to provide an understanding of how these threats operate and interconnect. 

Our journey will take us through real-world scenarios and case studies to illustrate the technical aspects of these threats and their real-time impact on businesses and individuals, and to extract key lessons and insights. We will also look at proactive strategies and innovative solutions to combat these threats and safeguard digital identities. 

Targeted at professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone vested in the digital identity ecosystem, this session promises to be an eye-opener, challenging conventional perceptions and encouraging a deeper understanding of what lies beneath the surface of digital identity. 

Join us as we explore the dark side of digital identity, where unseen threats pose unseen challenges. 

Ashish Jain
Chief Product Officer
Arkose Labs
is a product leader with 25+ years of experience, strong engineering background, and deep expertise in identity, security, and consumer fraud. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkose Labs...
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