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Creating a Killer IAM Business Case

Creating a Killer IAM Business Case

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 14:50—15:10
Location: A 05-06
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Enterprises today face a pivotal challenge: how to prepare for the future while maximizing current capabilities. In the heart of this challenge lies Identity and Access Management (IAM) transformation projects. While often seen as routine upgrades, these initiatives hold the key to unlocking a company's true potential.

Imagine a journey where mundane processes are transformed into dynamic workflows, where every transaction becomes a strategic move. This is the essence of IAM transformation. By harnessing the power of pattern deviation, we can revolutionise identity management, turning risk into opportunity.

But this isn't just about efficiency; it's about enablement. Picture a scenario where every action is orchestrated seamlessly, where human intervention is minimised, and risk is swiftly mitigated. The result? A leaner, meaner operation, primed for growth.

Join us on a quest to redefine the business case for IAM transformation. Discover the secrets behind successful implementations, and learn how to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with stakeholders. It's not just about upgrading capacity; it's about future-proofing your business for the challenges ahead.

Ravi Erukulla
VP of Analyst Relations and Customer Advocacy
Ravi Erukulla is a long-time identity and security enthusiast and is particularly passionate about simplifying the way identity and security products are built and adopted. Ravi brings two decades...
Jonathan Neal
Field CTO
With over 30 years IT experience, 20 of which specialising in Identity and Access Management, Jonathan is the Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Saviynt. Based in the UK, Jonathan has...
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