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The Data Sharing Ecosystems and Trust without EUDIW

The Data Sharing Ecosystems and Trust without EUDIW

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 13:50—14:10
Location: C 01

eIDAS version 2 has set in motion and energized identity professionals to think about and work on sharing attributes related to identity data. eIDAS version 2 provides a possible framework and set of technologies to do so. However, that framework does not match with a lot of technical and business practices already in use. In Belgium an ecosystem is forming to perform data sharing in a way which is adapted to the needs of the different existing stakeholders: data subjects, sources, attribute attestation service providers, vaults, IdP and relying parties. It reuses a lot of existing initiatives and infrastructure for a low threshold implementation with the high trust level of the existing initiatives. Nevertheless, it allows to implement important features like privacy, selective disclosure, etc.
During this presentation, we will see how this alternative ecosystem works, how it ensures trust and ease of use for the different stakeholders (including data subjects) and why it will lead to a low threshold for adoption.

Wim Coulier
eIDAS expert
Belgian Mobile ID
Wim is involved for more than 20 years in trust services and electronic signature projects. Wim started in this area at a Certificate Authority creating at measure solutions for customers up to the...
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