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What's the Right Balance Between Decentralization and User Experience?

What's the Right Balance Between Decentralization and User Experience?

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 13:30—13:50
Location: C 01

Self sovereign identity has been the ideological framework for decentralized identity solutions. Based on the principles of data ownership, control and consent sharing, this framework has produced highly decentralized, privacy preserving solutions that place a lot of responsibility on the user.
After 4 years developing on of the most decentralized and privacy preserving decentralized identity solutions (Polygon ID) and testing the product in the Web3 space, we can share our learnings and analyze how they align with other solutions in the market that have taken similar approaches.
We will compare different approaches to decentralization, the role of the wallet, the concept of consent and the incentives for credential issuers and verifiers.

Sebastian Rodriguez
VP of Product
Polygon Labs
I am a tech professional with a diverse background spanning various sectors and company types. My journey has taken me from the agile world of startups, where rapid innovation is the norm, to the...
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