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AI and the New Dynamics of Conflict: Reshaping Resolution and Escalation

AI and the New Dynamics of Conflict: Reshaping Resolution and Escalation

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 13:30—14:30

In the session "AI and the New Dynamics of Conflict: Reshaping Resolution and Escalation," we delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the landscape of conflict and dispute management in business and beyond.

As businesses and other human organizations navigate an era marked by rapid technological advancement and complex interdependencies, the traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution are being reimagined. AI emerges not only as a tool for mitigating disputes but also as a potent factor that can reshape the very nature of conflict.

Historically, conflict has been an inescapable facet of human interaction, evolving from physical confrontations to sophisticated forms of cyber and informational warfare. In this new digital age, AI presents dual possibilities: it holds the potential to revolutionize conflict management by fostering new superior insights into risk and situational awareness and the potential for innovative, collaborative approaches to leveraging shared interests to avoid conflict, while also introducing unprecedented and potentially risky complexities and the potential for new unmanageable scales of dispute.

This session aims to illuminate the multifaceted role of AI in conflict within the business sector and beyond. In the business context, we'll explore how AI-driven strategies are transforming traditional conflict resolution, offering new insights, predictive analytics, and alternative pathways to harmonize conflicting interests. On the flip side, we'll confront the darker potential of AI in escalating disputes in both commercial and social/political contexts, examining how the automation and scaling of conflicts could lead to new risks and uncharted challenges.

Key discussion points in this session will include:

  • AI as a Mediator: Understanding how AI can facilitate conflict resolution in business and other organizational contexts, from automating negotiation processes to providing unbiased, data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Escalation and Containment: Examining the risks associated with AI in conflict, including the potential for rapid escalation and the spread of disinformation, and strategies for containment and control.
  • Ethical Considerations: Navigating the ethical implications of AI in conflict scenarios, ensuring that the use of AI aligns with principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability.
  • Preparing for the Future: Discussing how businesses and other organizations can adapt to this evolving landscape, equipping themselves with the tools and strategies to leverage AI for positive conflict resolution while safeguarding against its potential to exacerbate disputes. AI offers the potential for mining the value of the information differentials that are often the cause of conflict.

Join us in "AI and the New Dynamics of Conflict: Reshaping Resolution and Escalation" for a critical examination of how AI is rewriting the rules of conflict and what this means for the future of business, governance, and societal interaction.

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