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Bridging OIDC & SIOPv2 to Kick-Start Adoption

Bridging OIDC & SIOPv2 to Kick-Start Adoption

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 11:50—12:10
Location: A 03-04

OpenID Connect (OIDC) has become the go-to method for user authentication due to its seamless integration. Transitioning towards the more privacy-preserving Self-Issued OpenID Connect Provider (SIOPv2) will be a complex endeavor.

To simplify this shift, Impierce Technologies has created an open-source OIDC - SIOPv2 Bridge. This bridge can run alongside an Identity Provider, allowing seamless interaction with SIOPv2 Identity Wallets. The Relying Party (RP) continues to enjoy the ease of integration that OIDC provides, while the user can utilize their Identity Wallet to authenticate themselves. Through the inclusion of the OpenID4VP standard, users can also include Digital Credentials such as Verifiable Presentation in order to share (verifiable) attributes.

The bridge is an intermediary solution that provides a straightforward way to boost the adoption of SIOPv2-enabled Identity Wallets with minimal integration effort, bringing RPs closer to eIDAS 2.0 compliance and following Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) principles.

We will explore how we bridged the 2 standards, showcase the results, and explore further opportunities with this concept.

Jelle Millenaar
CEO & Co-Founder
Impierce Technologies
Jelle is a Self-Sovereign Identity expert with the goal to make SSI technology accessible to all. As the former Lead of Identity at the IOTA Foundation, he led the team and architectural design of...
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