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Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 11:30—12:30

Unleashing the Power of Automation in PAM

Privileged Access Management (PAM) plays a crucial role in securing organizations by managing and controlling access to sensitive systems and data. As organizations evolve, there is a growing need to streamline and automate PAM processes to enhance efficiency, security, and compliance.

This presentation will explore the paradigm shift towards adopting a "PAM as Code" mindset, emphasizing the use of automation to manage privileged access seamlessly.

Abhinav Bajaj
IAM Lead
Delivery Hero SE
Abhinav has over a decade experience in conceptualising, designing, implementing & managing IAM solutions across industry verticals. AB has been working with Delivery Hero for the last 5 years+...
Micro Authorizations: Unlocking the Potential of Zero Trust in Privileged Access Management

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving rapidly, and traditional security paradigms are proving inadequate in the face of modern threats. As organizations strive to embrace Zero Trust principles, the role of Privileged Access Management (PAM) is pivotal. This talk explores the transformative concept of "Micro Authorizations" and its potential to shape the optimal direction for PAM implementations in support of Zero Trust initiatives.

The Authorization Fabric decides whether a specific principal is authorized to perform a precise operation on a particular resource and whether the resource permits this access.

The granularity of this approach is vital in today’s threat landscape, requiring organizations to shift their focus to a comprehensive, system-wide authorization framework. This shift, parallels the principles of microservices but applies them to the realm of access control.

Rather than depending on a single point of control, there is a need for a network proxy that acts as a bridge between trust and authorization.

Join us on a journey towards a future powered by micro authorizations, where precision, adaptability, and contextual awareness define access control. Explore how micro authorizations can address contemporary security challenges and facilitate the adoption of the Zero Trust model.

Amol Kabe
Chief Product Officer
Amol Kabe, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at StrongDM, spearheads product management for the StrongDM Dynamic Access Management platform. Previously, he was the Senior Director at Google, leading the...
PAM, CIEM, ITDR: What's the Difference and How to Choose Which is Right for Your Business

The choice of tools to secure privileged access in cloud and on premises is becoming a whole lot more interesting as CIEM, ITDR and PAM vendors all vie for different parts of the market.

Choosing the right platform to secure identity access to privileged resources is more challenging. This is partly because of the escalating risk of under protected identities in the cloud and the tendency of bad actors to target those with privileged access. It’s also because the choice of tools has widened. The protection of privileged identities has traditionally fallen to PAM vendors such as CyberArk or BeyondTrust, but in the last few years, the space has widened to include CIEM and ITDR providers who focus on securing identities in the cloud, for development environments and at the edge.

In this session Paul will explain why these newer technologies emerged, why they are important, and the difference between them and traditional PAM. He will share his analysis of how these technologies can be orchestrated to work together and how some are being deployed in a decentralised fashion for specific identity management and protection tasks.

You will learn the fundamental design elements of each of these technologies, how they can protect your identities and which may offer a solution for managing privileged identities in your organization.

Paul Fisher
Lead Analyst
Paul Fisher is a Lead Analyst who researches primarily on cybersecurity and identity and access management (IAM). He also studies trends in AI, IoT and data governance for different industry...
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