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AI, Digital Sovereignty and the Future of Work

AI, Digital Sovereignty and the Future of Work

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 11:30—12:30

This  session offers a thought-provoking exploration of the evolving dynamics of work and individual value production in the age of AI. As we navigate through the era of digital transformation, individuals find themselves at the core of a data-centric economy, often without the means to harness the value they inherently generate as data producers.

In a information network landscape dominated by powerful commercial platforms, critical narratives of "digital serfdom" frequently emerge, i.e., where the value and insights derived from individual users are used without adequate compensation, reciprocity or representation of their interests.

This session addresses the critical question of how AI can empower individuals, redefining their roles and rights within the digital ecosystem, and how it reshapes the concept of labor and expressive productivity in harmony with human needs.

This session dives into the parallels between historical labor movements and the current digital context, emphasizing the need for collective action to assert and safeguard the rights and interests of individuals against institutional dominance, and the ways in which AI can positively or negatively affect these trends.

  • From Data Producers to Rights Holders: Exploring mechanisms through which AI can help individuals claim and realize the value derived from online data about them, transforming them from passive data sources to active participants with recognized rights and interests.
  • Balancing AI and Human Productivity: Examining the shifting paradigms of labor productivity in the light of AI advancements, addressing the challenges and opportunities in aligning AI-enhanced workflows with human welfare and job satisfaction.
  • Digital Sovereignty and Representation: Discussing strategies to combat digital serfdom, advocating for a model where individual contributions to the digital economy are acknowledged, valued, and compensated, promoting a fair and equitable digital marketplace.
  • Collective Action in the Digital Age: Drawing inspiration from historic labor movements to foster a united front for individuals in the digital realm, pushing for systemic changes that ensure fair representation and distribution of value in future AI-driven economies.

Join us in "Redefining Labor: AI, Digital Sovereignty, and the Future of Work" to engage in a meaningful discourse on shaping a future where the synergy between AI and human labor is not only productive but also respectful and empowering, ensuring that progress in technology equates to advancement in human dignity and rights.

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