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Are Buyers Ready for Digital ID? Or are they Confused?

Are Buyers Ready for Digital ID? Or are they Confused?

Thursday, June 06, 2024 19:20—19:40
Location: C 01
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Ever wondered what real-world buying organisations think of digital identity? That’s the challenge that the Open Identity Exchange, it’s relying party working group and Daon sought to understand by undertaking a facilitated qualitative-research temperature check of opinion across relying parties from diverse sectors such as employment, healthcare, finance, payments, home rental, retail and gambling.

This session will examine the findings of the analysis and explore how some of the challenges might be addressed. Key findings where that relying parties:

  • need relevancy and clear value. A clear statement of benefits to win over the priorities of other stakeholders.
  • want to solve problems, not focus on technology components. Digital ID is a component not the outcome.
  • get confused and disengaged by jargon.
  • are aware of their social responsibilities and see digital ID as a way that these may be addressed.
  • see weakness and disconnected eco-system thinking. There’s much divergent thinking in the market at the moment which causes confusion and uncertainty.
  • want to know that their regulatory or industry body approves the use of digital identity.
Nick Mothershaw
Chief Identity Strategist
The Open Identity Exchange
Nick is Chief Identity Strategist at the Open Identity Exchange, a community for all those involved in the ID sector to connect and collaborate. Together we develop the guidance needed for...
Geraint Rogers
Market SME: Identity, Fraud and Financial Crime
Geraint is Daon’s Market SME for Identity, Fraud and Financial crime, believing that technology should be a force for good; digitally enabling quality experience underpinned by fast,...
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