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Investor Talks

Investor Talks

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 17:30—18:30

Embracing a Best-in-Class Digital ID Solution – the Investor Perspective

Investor appetite for high-impact identity security solutions remains strong, with superior product technology serving as the foundation for growth. As the shift from growth to value investing continues, companies are aligning go-to-market and product strategies for strong unit economics and steady profitable growth. With technological advancements and user demands constantly shifting, staying ahead in the identity security market hinges on an M&A strategy focused on the most differentiated solutions.

Robin Brandenbusch
Robin Brandenbusch is a Director in Investment Banking at Stephens with a focus on software/technology. Prior to joining Stephens, Robin was in the M&A, Corporate and Leveraged Finance team at...
Philipp von Grawert
Managing Director
Philipp von Grawert is a Managing Director in Investment Banking at Stephens with a focus on software/technology. Prior to joining Stephens, Philipp was a member of the corporate finance team at...
How VC Views Identity

Over the past 10 years identity startups have launched to the forefront across segments like wallets, ID Verification, fraud, cybersecurity. But how do investors evaluate identity focused startups? What are they looking for?
This presentation will cover these topics from the perspective of an identity investor. 

Austin Arensberg
Head of Okta Ventures
Okta Ventures
Venture investor with focus on early stage startups based in San Francisco. I lead Okta Ventures overseeing the fund to invest in startups enabled by privacy, identity, and security. Investments...
Oliver Holle
With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in the mobile and internet industries and 12 years as co-founder of Speedinvest, Oliver Holle is a leading expert in Europe’s technology...
Public Funding for Tech

Join our conference session for an insightful exploration of the vital role of public funding in driving advancements in AI, Digital ID, and Cybersecurity in Europe. Discover the landscape of grants and loans as indispensable tools propelling transformative progress in these cutting-edge fields!

Within the European Union's expansive €13.5 billion EUR budget for research and innovation projects, our discussion aims to illuminate the significance of public financing in shaping the trajectory of technology projects. We provide valuable perspectives on securing financial support for your initiatives, offering a comprehensive guide to best practices and precautionary measures in this crucial process.

Our goal is to provide exclusive insights into the intricacies of applying for public funding and strategies for integrating technology into grant applications. With a proven track record demonstrated by meticulously securing over €3.2 billion in grants since 2020, this session offers a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into funding strategies that have the potential to shape the future of the tech landscape.

Charlotte von der Brelie
Grants Development Consultant
Grants Office Europe
Charlotte von der Brelie is a Grants Development Consultant at Grants Office Europe, specialised in National and European funds in Germany. Charlotte has a strong international relations and...
Janice Raposo
Grants Development Associate
Grants Office Europe
Janice Raposo works as a Grants Development Associate at Grants Office Europe, where she specializes in securing European and national funding for projects in Portugal. Her main responsibility is...
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