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Dynamic Authorisation: The Key to Unlocking Open Banking Potential in the PSD3 Era

Dynamic Authorisation: The Key to Unlocking Open Banking Potential in the PSD3 Era

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 17:50—18:10
Location: B 07-08

The next frontier of customer identity lies not in simply knowing who someone is, but in what they are allowed to do. This is more important than ever in the financial services industry, as the proposed Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3) framework creates further opportunities to deliver highly personalised, secure, and scalable data-driven services through Open Banking. At the same time, customers are pushing their providers to give them the tools needed to delegate control of their finances to trusted persons, while doing more to secure their accounts against fraud.

The good news is that Dynamic Authorisation is purpose-built to address these industry problems. By centralising authorisation decisioning and enforcement, financial service providers can streamline authorisation workflows, ensure consistent and secure data sharing with third-party providers, improve loyalty and reduce fraud – all in one. Policy-based authorisation takes this even further by enabling dynamic rules that adapt to real-time context and risk factors.

Join authorisation experts Adam Rusbridge and Adam Preis of Ping Identity to learn how Dynamic Authorization can enable:

  • Fine-grained control: Define and enforce access controls for payments, transfers, account settings and data requests, minimising security risks and regulatory compliance headaches.
  • Enhanced user experience: Streamline API interactions and reduce friction for TPPs, accelerating Open Banking and Open Finance investments.
  • Data monetisation: Leverage granular control over data access opens doors for innovative data-driven services and revenue streams.
  • Agility and scalability: Respond swiftly to changing market needs and regulatory landscapes with adaptable authorisation policies.
Adam Preis
Director Solution Marketing
Ping Identity
Adam Preis is a Director of Product and Solution Marketing at Ping Identity, operating out of the U.K. with a global remit for financial services and authorisation. Adam brings over 12 years...
Adam Rusbridge
Senior Product Manager
Ping Identity
Adam Rusbridge is Senior Product Manager for Ping’s Authorisation products, with 20 years of experience leading the development and growth of products that govern secure access to resources....
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