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Authorization 2.0

Authorization 2.0

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 17:30—18:30

Graph-Based Harmony: Simplifying Zero Trust Authorization in the Age of Data Breaches

In the face of escalating data breaches and relentless attacks on identity, the imperative to establish robust Zero Trust (ZT) architectures has never been more urgent. Yet, the complexity of this undertaking, coupled with the multitude of tools and stacks involved, can be overwhelming.

This session will examine the Zero-Trust reference architecture outlined by NIST, revealing that authorization sits at its very core. Building on this foundation, we'll showcase how harnessing the organizational power of graphs can effectively streamline the complexity of ZT initiatives.

While graphs are renowned for their effectivness in threat and fraud detection, their mostly untapped potential in Identity and Authorization remains a hidden gem. Beyond real-time applications, we'll explore how the analytical might of graphs, a cornerstone for various AI techniques, can revolutionize Identity practices.

Alexandre Babeanu
Alex has been involved in Graphs and Graph databases for Identity and Access Management for almost 10 years. As a graph-certified and IAM-accredited consultant, he has implemented solutions for...
Panel: Why Authorization Standardization is Imperative

Join this discussion about the efforts of the AuthZEN working group in the Open ID Foundation, which will include an overview of the authorization space, and the various technologies and players involved. The panel will also discuss why the group exists, the problems that it is trying to solve, and the state of the current work.

As Authorization appears to be the next horizon for standardization efforts, and the multiple technologies, often incompatible with each other, the need for standardization becomes more and more crucial. Come and hear how XACML, Cedar, Graph, IDQL, and more.

David Brossard
Chief Technology Officer
Axiomatics AB
In his role as CTO, David drives the technology vision and strategy for Axiomatics based on both identity and access management (IAM) market trends as well as customer feedback. He also leads the...
Allan Foster
Chief Evangelist
Allan Foster has helped build ForgeRock into a multinational identity software vendor with offices on four continents. Allan’s deep technical knowledge has been well used in all aspects of...
Gerry Gebel
Head of Standards
Strata Identity, Inc
Gerry is a recognized leader in the identity management space. His accomplished career spans over two decades in which he has been instrumental in providing requirements definition, architecture...
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