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Discover the Power of the Sovrin Ecosystem

Discover the Power of the Sovrin Ecosystem

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:45—16:00
Location: A 03-04

Unleash the potential of decentralized solutions with Sovrin, a trusted foundation for secure and verifiable credentials. For over seven years, the Sovrin Foundation has provided a reliable, well-managed blockchain ledger, enabling innovative self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions and decentralized trust.

Governments, financial institutions, and stakeholders in highly regulated industries choose Sovrin for its open-source software, open standards, and governance model, ensuring accountability and trust.

Sovrin's tech stack is meticulously architected to prioritize privacy, transparency, agency, autonomy, and integrity in digital transactions. Interoperable with Hyperledger Indy networks, supporting diverse DID methods, and offering seamless interactions with other decentralized identity networks, Sovrin fosters a vibrant and interconnected ecosystem.

Discover real-world success stories, such as the Government of British Columbia's implementation of Sovrin for issuing mining permits and verifiable credentials for practicing lawyers, showcasing how these credentials contribute to the digital economy.

Participate in this session to delve into the opportunities and benefits of utilizing the Sovrin platform for your organization.

Stephen Curran
Board of Trustees Chair
Sovrin Foundation
Stephen Curran is the Sovrin Foundation's Board of Trustees Chair, and has worked with, and volunteered at, the non-profit Foundation for the almost 7 years that the Sovrin MainNet global...
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