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The Use of Zero Knowledge in Self Sovereign Identities

The Use of Zero Knowledge in Self Sovereign Identities

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:30—15:45
Location: A 03-04

In the same way Blockchain seems the best solution for a decentralized immutable to support decentralized identities, Zero Knowledge has become as the best technology to build privacy-by-default identity stacks.

We will show how ZK can be use for enabling highly scalable and private identities, solving for multiple use cases and problems like:

  • Proof of Credentials
  • Private credential revocations
  • DID methods that support Key Rotation
  • Nullifiers for DID anti-tracking
  • Proof of execution for trusted self-attestation

We will illustrate these applications with real use cases.

Sebastian Rodriguez
VP of Product
Polygon Labs
I am a tech professional with a diverse background spanning various sectors and company types. My journey has taken me from the agile world of startups, where rapid innovation is the norm, to the...
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