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Zero Knowledge

Zero Knowledge

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:30—16:30

Zero-Knowledge Proof

ZKP is a cryptographic method that allows one party (the prover) to prove to another party (the verifier) that a statement is true, without revealing any specific information about the statement itself. For example:

  • verify you are of legal age to purchase a beer, without the vendor being able to see your date of birth.
  • prove you live in a specific country or area, without disclosing your private home address.
  • confirm you have the necessary income for a mortgage application, without revealing your exact salary.

In the realm of digital security and transactions, ZKP can be used to verify the authenticity of information without revealing the data itself. Okay, wild thought, could it be possible that creating a bank-account could be performed entirely using ZKP while both private and compliant?
This is where zkKYC comes into play, which leverages the principles of ZKP to create a system where users can verify their identities without revealing their actual personal data.

Individuals no longer need to expose their personal details to companies, mitigating the risk of data breaches. Since there's no need to transfer, store and verify sensitive data, the process can be faster and more streamlined. Businesses can save on many big costs. zkKYC can be designed to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring that businesses stay compliant without sacrificing user privacy.

As digital interactions continue to dominate our daily lives, demand increases for systems that prioritize security and privacy. With more industries adopting blockchain technology and other advanced cryptographic methods, it excites me to foresee a future where you never have to hand over your sensitive personal data to prove your identity. Instead, cryptographic assurances will vouch for the authenticity of your claims, ensuring a safer and more private digital ecosystem for all.”

A recent Zero Knowledge Proof published by Mauro Lorenzo Halve can accessed via the link:

Mauro Lorenzo Halve
Senior Compliance Officer
Mauro has been active in the cryptomarket since the end of 2016 and founded a crypto company in 2019 during his last year of Law School, which he successfully sold two years later. Focusing on the...
The Use of Zero Knowledge in Self Sovereign Identities

In the same way Blockchain seems the best solution for a decentralized immutable to support decentralized identities, Zero Knowledge has become as the best technology to build privacy-by-default identity stacks.

We will show how ZK can be use for enabling highly scalable and private identities, solving for multiple use cases and problems like:

  • Proof of Credentials
  • Private credential revocations
  • DID methods that support Key Rotation
  • Nullifiers for DID anti-tracking
  • Proof of execution for trusted self-attestation

We will illustrate these applications with real use cases.

Sebastian Rodriguez
VP of Product
Polygon Labs
I am a tech professional with a diverse background spanning various sectors and company types. My journey has taken me from the agile world of startups, where rapid innovation is the norm, to the...
eIDAS2 Toolbox: Selective Disclosure and ZKP in the Identity Wallet

In this session, Sebastian Elfors gives an introduction into what selective disclosure really means for the EUDI Wallet within eIDAS2. He will delve into the topic of what selectively disclosed attributes are, unlinkability between relying parties, range proofs and zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) predicates. He will then dissect the legal definitions of “selective disclosure” within the eIDAS2 proposal as well as the technical definitions in the ARF outline.

Next, different selective disclosure schemes are analyzed, including atomic (Q)EAAs schemes, multi-message signature schemes, salted attribute hashes and proofs for arithmetic circuits. The session ends with an in-depth analysis of selective disclosure credential formats and solutions and how they may fit with eIDAS2.

Sebastian Elfors
Senior Architect
In his current role as a Senior Architect at IDnow, Sebastian is a member of CEN TC/224, ETSI ESI, FIDO Alliance, IATA OneID, Linux Foundation, OpenWallet Foundation and W3C, where he has...
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