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Identity 2.0

Identity 2.0

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:30—16:30

Top 5 Lessons - Implementing Decentralized Identity at Raiffeisen Bank

Over the past year, we have learned a lot about practical implementations of decentralized identity. There is a lot of buzz, many organizations are dipping their toes, and some are taking the plunge. Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is one of Europe’s leading banking groups, serving more than 17 million customers. Focused on digitization, RBI’s main security priorities are:

  • Harmonizing CIAM IdPs
  • Harnessing decentralized identity
  • Highest security and compliance standards
  • Consistent integration with existing and future apps
  • Resilient and scalable multi-cloud architecture

In this fireside chat, we explore RBI’s decentralized identity implementation, learnings, and results. We will talk about some of the emerging decentralized identity use cases that are taking hold, and provide some practical insight we have learned while supporting customers in their journey.

Loren Russon
SVP Product & Technology Alliances
Ping Identity
Loren has spent his career working in Taiwan, Utah, California, Boston and Colorado building high-performing teams that plan, develop and deliver some of the best software and cloud services in the...
Yaron Zehavi
Senior Enterprise Architect
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Yaron Zehavi has 20 years of experience designing and developing technology solutions. Yaron has been focused on the financial services sector since 2004. Yaron is Customer IAM...
Passkeys in the Enterprise

Passkeys are quickly becoming an interesting option for phising resistent authentication in the enterprise, but what kind of challenges are you likely to run into when you roll out passkeys in an enterprise?

This session will cover what we have learned about passkeys and passkey roll out in a global, flat packed, and meatball centric organisation.

Martin Sandren
IAM Product Lead
Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over eighteen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and digital...
Hybrid Identity: Liminal Space or Permanent Fixture?

Hybrid identity has been sold as this sort of temporary, interim state that is typically required to get us away from Active Directory and into a cloud-native, cloud-driven identity. Yet many organizations, assessing their current landscape, find limitations and gaps that leave them unsure if hybrid identity is the final stop on their identity modernization journey.

In this session we’ll explore the current state of hybrid identity, assessing current real-world blockers and gaps for migration to a cloud-native identity, as well as the expansion of our security surface area, needing to manage both Entra ID and Active Directory. We’ll examine real-world gaps found in Entra ID, many of which poke holes in an organization's plans for cyber resilience and prevent enterprises from “going all in on cloud identity”.

A session designed to spark conversation and questions among participants, we’ll explore the many nuances of hybrid identity together.

Eric Woodruff
Security Architect
Throughout his 23-year career in the IT field, Eric has sought out and held a diverse range of roles, including technical manager in the public sector, Sr. Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, and...
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