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The Global Interoperability of Digital Identity

The Global Interoperability of Digital Identity

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 14:50—15:10
Location: B 09

As more governments promote online access and issue digital identity credentials for their populations, questions arise regarding just how portable those credentials are from one country to the next. While the EU has the benefit of eIDAS 2.0, other countries and regions still struggle with how to take advantage of digital identity credentials issued outside their borders. The challenges go beyond technical standards: it's not just about the structure of the data, it's also about how that data is verified, what level of assurance is offered, privacy considerations, and more.

Making digital identity globally interoperable is a fundamental necessity for everything from education to finance and trade. It is the basis for social and financial inclusion as humans move around the world This session will review where efforts are underway to improve the global interoperability of identity and where there are still gaps, both in policy and technology, that need attention.

Heather Flanagan
Spherical Cow Consulting
Heather Flanagan, Principal at Spherical Cow Consulting, comes from a position that the Internet is led by people, powered by words, and inspired by technology. She has been involved in leadership...
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