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The Swiss E-ID and Trust Infrastructure

The Swiss E-ID and Trust Infrastructure

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:10—15:30
Location: C 01

After the rejection of the first E-ID act at the ballot in 2021, the Federal Government of Switzerland has adopted a new approach. To accommodate concerns about the protection of privacy, the new E-ID incorporates elements of self-sovereign identities. The trust infrastructure, that comes with it, will allow the issuance of other credentials by state and private actors alike. The presentation will provide an overview on the project, including considerations on interoperability.

Rolf Rauschenbach
Information Officer E-ID
Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland
Rolf Rauschenbach acts as Information Officer of the E-ID-program of the Federal Government of Switzerland. Prior to this engagement, he worked as consultant, project lead and chief sales officer...
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