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Panel: Decentralized Identity for Onboarding and CIAM

Panel: Decentralized Identity for Onboarding and CIAM

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:10—15:30
Location: B 07-08

Picking up on the observation at EIC 2023 by KuppingerCole Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger about the application of Decentralized Identity to Enterprise onboarding, the panel will discuss how Decentralized Identities can augment and improve onboarding and CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) processes, and how enterprises can develop the capability to utilize decentralized customer identities and data.

The panel will also consider the potential for emerging technologies like Digital Identity Wallets and Decentralized Web Nodes to enable next-generation customer experiences, and why open standards hold the key to unlocking this. 

Daniel Buchner
Head of Decentralized Identity
Daniel leads Decentralized Identity at Block. Prior to Block, he founded the Decentralized Identity program at Microsoft after spending his early career at Mozilla leading its Developer...
Nick Lambert
Dock Labs AG
Nick Lambert is CEO at Dock Labs AG. An experienced and commercially aware Director with 8+ years of leading high performing multidisciplinary teams within the technology sector. His key skills...
Rob Otto
Ping Identity
Rob is a Principal Architect for Ping Identity in the UK and also the EMEA representative to the Ping Identity CTO Office. Rob has 20 years experience in identity and access management. He has...
Nick Price
DIF Hospitality & Travel SIG
Nick Price is the founder of Netsys Technology, a software development and technology consulting company focused on digital innovation for the hospitality and travel sectors.  Nick, a...
Sadrick Widmann
Sadrick Widmann joined the company to transform his management and IT talent into a compelling and intelligent customer solution. As the CEO of Widas ID, together with Yael Widmann he is...
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