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Solving IAM Challenges

Solving IAM Challenges

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 12:00—13:00
Location: B 07-08
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IAM With - or Against ITSM

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Everyone wants to integrate their access request processes into ITSM, but what is the reality behind this?

What kind of integrations are required, what are the pros and cons of requesting access through the ITSM solution instead of the IAM solution.

This talk is based on several (long) discussions with several clients

Claus Nørklit Roed
PwC Denmark
Claus is a member of the cybersecurity unit at PwC Denmark, where he heads the Identity and Access management team working with IAM from strategy through execution. Claus is a senior IT...
To SaaS or Not to SaaS

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This talk will share lessons learned from migrations to SaaS based IAM… and what best in class tech looks like if you need to stay-on premises but want the benefits of SaaS.
1. Trends in the market, crossroads our clients our on and the adoption/relevance of SaaS based IAM.
2. All SaaS-IAM is equal, but some are more equal than others (differences in maturity across AM, IGA and PAM).
3. How maturity and these differences impact implementations and success.
4. What can you do about it? Tangible do's and don't's preparing and implementing SaaS IAM.
5. Alternative for SaaS with PaaS deployed IAM to get SaaS(like) benefits.
6. Conclusions and wrap-up.

Bas Steen
Senior Manager
Bas Steen is Senior Manager Digital Identity at PwC Nederland. He is an Architect and Engineer with a passion for Identity and Access Management and DevOps related technologies. He leads the DevOps...
Thomas van Vooren
Thomas is a Director in PwC's Digital Identity Team in The Netherlands and part of the team's leadership. He is a subject matter expert on Workforce Identity with over 20 years of experience in the...
Dancing Through User Access Review in Style

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This session will explain how Philips implements access certification, how it helped to improve security, and why they have not got tired yet.

Michiel Stoop
Director Identity & Access Management
Michiel Stoop is since 2015 Director Identity and Access management in Philips Group Security – Information Security and has over 10 years’ experience in the domain Identity and Access...
Pieter Waterschoot
Since 2021 Pieter is the SME for IAM within Philips in Group Security – Information Security. He specializes in IGA and in his position he is responsible for contributing to the Philips IAM...
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