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Panel: Emerging Trends in Authentication Methods

Panel: Emerging Trends in Authentication Methods

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:30—12:00
Location: A 03-04
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As digital identity continues to evolve, so do the methods used to authenticate users. From passwordless approaches to cutting-edge biometrics, the authentication landscape is constantly changing. This panel brings together experts from various industries to explore the latest trends in authentication methods, discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact on security, user experience, and privacy. Gain insights into the future of authentication and discover strategies for staying ahead in an increasingly complex digital world.

Matthew Berzinski
Senior Product Management Director
Ping Identity
As a Senior Director of Product Management, Matt is responsible for building product strategies in bringing the PingIdentity product portfolio to market. Matt works closely with customers and...
Joost van Dijk
Developer Advocate
Joost van Dijk is a developer advocate at Yubico. As the inventor of the YubiKey, Yubico makes secure login easy and available for everyone. Joost focuses on securing digital identities and...
Dominic Forrest
Dominic is responsible for the design and development of iProov’s cloud-based infrastructure. Prior to taking up his role with iProov in 2013, Dominic was the Senior Vice President of...
Lana Grechko
Sr. Principal Technical Program Manager
Lana Grechko is a Senior Principal Program Manager and Portfolio Lead at Okta. In this capacity, she’s focusing on ensuring Okta products and systems meet Federal Security Standards such as...
Dr. Ulrich Herberg
Distinguished Architect in Identity
Dr. Ulrich Herberg is a Senior Director of Engineering and Chief Architect of Identity at eBay, leading the company on all topics related to Identity, such as two-factor authentication, IAM, user...
Marco Venuti
IAM Business Acceleration Director
Marco Venuti is IAM Enablement and Acceleration Director at Thales Group. Marco has 20+ years of direct experience in Identity & Security, having worked for multiple solution vendors in Sales...
Sadrick Widmann
Sadrick Widmann joined the company to transform his management and IT talent into a compelling and intelligent customer solution. As the CEO of Widas ID, together with Yael Widmann he is...
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