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Finding the Right Passwordless Authentication Solution

Finding the Right Passwordless Authentication Solution

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:00—11:15
Location: A 03-04

Passwordless Authentication has become a popular and catchy term. The term Passwordless Authentication is used to describe a set of identity verification solutions that do not rely on passwords. In light of the security risks and inconvenience associated with password usage, we face a trend in which organizations are looking to replace and eliminate passwords entirely. Yet, finding a Passwordless Authentication solution that seamlessly combines simplicity, effectiveness, and security remains a challenge.

This session will confront this challenge head-on, exploring the evolving landscape of Passwordless Authentication solutions and their potential to redefine the authentication paradigm.

Alejandro Leal
Research Analyst
Alejandro joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in December 2021. His main areas of expertise include digital transformation in the public and private sector, managing business in...
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