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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:00—12:00
Location: B 09
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The Gap in the Current Identity World for Non-Human Identities Which Act as Humans!

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Non-human identities are getting more and more important. IAM has the challenge to manage them with the same standards as human identities. Over the last years many tools and best practices have been developed to improve the situation. However, the more those identities mimic behavior of humans the harder current concepts work without reducing security and governance. An example is Robot Process Automation (RPA), which aims to automate processes done by humans, often for application which do not offer APIs. Subsequently those tools are using UI automation to achieve this goal. However, zero trust and identity controls like MFA or least privilege will interrupt this business processes automation. If you are interested to learn more about this topic, join this discussion by Mercedes-Benz and DXC about core principles to consider closing this gap.

Erik Siebler
Digital Identity Capability Lead
Erik Siebler has joined DXC in 2010. Since 2013 he is working in the IT security domain. During the last decade he worked on several project in different roles, e.g. architect, implementer, project...
Bela Waidelich
IAM Architect
Mercedes-Benz Group AG
Bela is working in Global Cyber Security focusing on authentication within Mercedes-Benz AG. He is responsible for the architecture of Mercedes-Benz AG identity provider. Before he was...
Insecure by Design – Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce the Security Risks of Remote Access to OT

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OT products and technologies are insecure by design. Do you need connect a third-party maintainer to a PLC or other Industrial Control Systems and wonder how to secure and track access? No problem. We have it covered. In this session we will explore how to seamlessly and efficiently secure Remote Access to OT while providing maximum autonomy to the operational teams. We will explain the complicating factors of OT risk management and how to counter them.

Wadiha El Batti
Product Management Director
As Head of Product Management at WALLIX, Wadiha El Batti is responsible for the overall WALLIX portfolio which covers Access Management, Privileged Account and Session Management and Identity...
Challenges in the Deployment of Digital Certificates and Identities in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

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The protection of new value chains and the implementation of regulations such as NIS2 or the Machinery Directive presents challenges for suppliers in the machinery and plant engineering sector. The use of identities and X.509 certificates plays a significant role and is a fundamental building block for a long-term security architecture.

But how are X.509 identities and public key infrastructure (PKI) connected? Why can X.509 certificates also be created without a PKI and what dangers are hidden behind them? What is the situation regarding standardization and legal requirements?

In this presentation, Andreas will show use-cases and customer case studies, outlining the actual adoption rate of PKI in industrial areas in terms of standards and regulations, and share best practices.

Andreas Philipp
Senior Business Development Manager, IoT
Andreas Philipp is a Senior IoT Business Development Manager at Keyfactor. With a degree in communications engineering, he started his career more than 30 years ago as a developer in the area of...
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