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Industry 4.0 & XR/AR

Industry 4.0 & XR/AR

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:00—12:00

Digital Identity as the Enabler for Industry 4.0 in a Metaverse Scenario

Industry 4.0 implies a deep reorganization of the supply chain, and empowers all company's functions with direct immediate access to production data. In an assembly line, the need for access to data requires careful balancing between security and easiness of use. An XR/AR visor, without a proper digital identity framework, is more an hindrance than an opportunity. In this talk we will consider some different XR/AR technologies and how they integrate, or not, with traditional and innovative digital identity frameworks.

Dr. Paolo Campegiani
Head of Innovation
Dr. Paolo Campegiani is the head of innovation for Namirial, one of the largest trusted service providers in Europe. In his role, he coordinates all the innovation activities for the group. He has...
Human-Centered AI in Automotive

Cybersecurity, biometrics & human-centered AI are shaping the futuristic automotive user journey. This talk will explore the latest trends in automotive cybersecurity, how biometrics can enhance security and convenience, how human-centered AI can create more personalized driving experiences, and the interconnected, intelligent, and autonomous vehicles of the future.

Shashank Dhariwal
Technical Architect
Continental AG
Shashank Dhariwal is an AI Specialist with 9+ years of experience. After specializing in biometrics at the University of Southampton, he worked extensively in the biometrics domain with various...
The Gap in the Current Identity World for Non-Human Identities Which Act as Humans!

Non-human identities are getting more and more important. IAM has the challenge to manage them with the same standards as human identities. Over the last years many tools and best practices have been developed to improve the situation. However, the more those identities mimic behavior of humans the harder current concepts work without reducing security and governance. An example is Robot Process Automation (RPA), which aims to automate processes done by humans, often for application which do not offer APIs. Subsequently those tools are using UI automation to achieve this goal. However, zero trust and identity controls like MFA or least privilege will interrupt this business processes automation. If you are interested to learn more about this topic, join this discussion by Mercedes-Benz and DXC about core principles to consider closing this gap.

Dr. Robert Brcina
Lead Privileged Access and Secret Management
Global Cyber Security, Mercedes-Benz AG
Robert is working in the area of Global Cyber Security focusing on Privileged Access Management and Secret Management (PAMSM) within Mercedes-Benz AG. He is leading the PAMSM Product and Product...
Erik Siebler
Digital Identity Capability Lead
Erik Siebler has joined DXC in 2010. Since 2013 he is working in the IT security domain. During the last decade he worked on several project in different roles, e.g. architect, implementer, project...
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