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Panel: Expert/Digital Wallet & Verifiers Q+A

Panel: Expert/Digital Wallet & Verifiers Q+A

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:30—12:00
Location: C 01
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During the 2nd half of this "Global Wallets" Sessoin, the panelists will interact with Digital Wallet Solution providers.

Wayne Chang
Wayne Chang is the CEO of SpruceID, a technology company with the mission to let users control their identity and data across all their digital interactions. SpruceID provides open-source...
Manu Fontaine
Founder and CEO
Manu Fontaine is the Founder and CEO of Hushmesh, the public benefit corporation developing and operating the Mesh. You can think of the Mesh as a global information space, like the Web, but with...
Andreas Freitag
Procivis AG
Andreas worked for over 20 years in the Consulting and IT Projectmanagement space. 5 years ago he discovered decentralized identities and made it to his major focus. Last year he was appointed as...
Boris Goranov
Boris Goranov is involved in security since 1999, as a white hack hacker , hacking smart cards at The TNO Institute. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Delft...
Dr. Alen Horvat
Digital identity architect designing and building verifiable credentials exchange frameworks. Designed trust models for Verifiable Credentials issuer, and verifiers and introduced...
Yash Shah
Credence ID
Mr. Shah has over 20 years of technology executive experience in biometrics, large national ID programs and Digital ID technology.  He has led product development from concept through design...
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