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Global Wallets

Global Wallets

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:00—12:00

The Wallets we Want
Sebastian Elfors
Senior Architect
In his current role as a Senior Architect at IDnow, Sebastian is a member of CEN TC/224, ETSI ESI, FIDO Alliance, IATA OneID, Linux Foundation, OpenWallet Foundation and W3C, where he has...
Thomas Lohninger
Executive Director – for digital rights
Thomas was a programmer and anthropologist in his former life. Digital rights had been his hobby until it became a job when he intensively accompanied the EU Net Neutrality Regulation as Policy...
Drummond Reed
Director of Trust Services
Gen Digital
Drummond has spent a quarter-century in Internet identity, security, privacy, and trust infrastructure. He is Director, Trust Services at Gen Digital, previous Avast after their acquisition of...
Kristina Yasuda
Identity Standards Architect
Kristina is an Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft, known for her work on standards in decentralized identity ecosystem: as an editor of OpenID for Verifiable Credentials specifications in...
Key Factors of eID Adoption in Europe and Beyond

Designing and implementing an eID, using the latest technologies and insights and having it backed by a legal framework is NOT a guarantee for adoption. There are many different barriers to adoption of digital identification solutions. The earliest studies in on this topic in the EU date from 2006 already. This presentation provides an overview of the key barriers to adoption and provides suggestions on how to overcome them. Specifically it goes into details of path dependency and what this means for eID deployment and adoption.

Henk Marsman
Principal Consultant
Henk Marsman is both independent researcher as well as principal consultant at SonicBee. Having spend over 20 years in cybersecurity and specifically identity and access management he still advises...
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