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Appropriate Level of Assurance - A Foundation for Proper CIAM

Appropriate Level of Assurance - A Foundation for Proper CIAM

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 11:40—12:00
Location: B 07-08

There is no good or bad Level of Assurance to root any CIAM upon. It all depends on the business and the risks. A unique mix of business, legal, IT security, technical, and CX skills is required to discover, define, and communicate requirements for customer authentication methods. The correct balance between these factors brings peace of mind and enablement to the business. Hear some highlights of If P&C Insurance's journey of defining and enforcing a Level of Assurance aligned with realities of insurance enterprise.

Mihails Galuška
IAM Global Product Manager
If P&C Insurance
Since 2021 managing the portfolio of customer and partner identity related services across If P&C Insurance - the largest insurance group in Nordic countries with operations also in Baltics....
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