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How Siemens runs 100s of Tenants and 1000s of B2B Apps with a Lean Team

How Siemens runs 100s of Tenants and 1000s of B2B Apps with a Lean Team

Thursday, June 06, 2024 08:50—09:10
Location: C 01

Embarking on a transformative journey in 2018, Siemens recognized the pivotal role of digital capabilities as the bedrock of their business growth. At the core of this journey lies "Siemens ID," an innovative digital identity solution. With a vast array of applications spread across numerous business units, Siemens sought to establish a robust foundational layer through Siemens ID. This service aimed to standardize login security company-wide, while granting product owners the flexibility to tailor registration and login flows as per local markets and languages.

In this session, Thomas Müller-Lynch, Global Director of Digital Identities at Siemens, and Andre de Sousa, Service Owner of Siemens ID, take you through the evolution of Siemens ID, showcasing how they crafted a Zero Trust approach that seamlessly integrates user experience, enabling internal clients and partners to focus on their core business instead of reinventing login services for thousands of Siemens' applications.

Thomas Müller-Lynch
Global Director Digital Identities
Siemens AG
Thomas joined Siemens 24 years ago. During this time, he took over various IT positions covering web, document management and during the last 10 years IT infrastructure technologies. Now as...
André Sousa
Digital Identities Architect
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