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Post Quantum Security: Cryptography in Decentralized Identity

Post Quantum Security: Cryptography in Decentralized Identity

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 18:10—18:30
Location: B 09

In this session you will learn what cryptography is currently being used in verifiable credentials and DIDComm, why the community has chosen these particular security approaches, and how it affects you. We will explore how digital security practices will change as new technologies emerge, specifically post quantum cryptography, and how you can be ready. As the world becomes more digital, authenticity and privacy, and technologies that ensure that authenticity and privacy by design are becoming more and more critical. Come learn how you can make use of these technologies today to be prepared for tomorrow.

Sam Curren
Deputy CTO
Sam Curren is the Senior Systems Architect and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Indicio. Sam oversees the direction of Indicio’s open source contributions and guides architecture of...
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