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eIDAS2 Deployment

eIDAS2 Deployment

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 17:30—18:30

The Surprising eIDAS2 Opportunity: to Unleash a new €bn Market for "Empowerment Tech"

New digital identity wallets will transform the digital customer relationship - and our digital economy - forever. 

Jamie Smith
CEO and Founder
Customer Future Ltd.
Jamie is the CEO and Founder at Customer Futures Ltd. He has been working at the forefront of digital identity and customer-controlled personal data for nearly 15 years. He's helped deliver digital...
Organisational Digital Identity - Latest Progress Within eIDAS
David Magård
Senior Advisor & AI Lead
Swedish Companies Registration Office
David Magård is working as senior advisor and AI lead Swedish Companies Registration Office, Sweden. David holds a LL.M and has worked several of years at the Swedish Government Offices with...
Standards that Impact eIDAS - Latest from ETSI
Arno Fiedler
Owner & Managing Director
Arno Fiedler is founder and managing director of Nimbus Technologieberatung GmbH. His leadership defines the vision and integrity which are synonymous with the Nimbus name, and every completed...
Organizational Identity in the Private and Public Sector with the vLEI

With heightened reliance on remotely delivered services and transactions, the need for safer and sounder digital identification and verification is required and will become the norm in the future. This especially is true looking forward to mandates for the adoption of zero trust frameworks in which digital credentials will be issued and then used for identification and operational purposes. GLEIF is committed to making concrete and lasting improvements to the process of identity verification by leveraging the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in digital tools. GLEIF has made the LEI verifiable by creating the vLEI (verifiable LEI) with digital credentials that deliver decentralized identification and verification for organizations as well as the persons who represent their organizations either in official or functional roles. GLEIF has developed the governance, credentials and infrastructure since introducing the vLEI in 2020, will share an update on progress and will provide a pilot example addressing the identification, authentication, authorization, security and management of users in charge of submitting mandated supervisory reporting.

Christoph Schneider
Head of IT Development and Operations
Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)
Christoph Schneider is Head of IT Development and Operations at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). In June 2017, Christoph joined the International Organization for...
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