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Do Better for Our Customers: Using OpenID Connect in a First-Party Context

Do Better for Our Customers: Using OpenID Connect in a First-Party Context

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 17:50—18:10
Location: B 07-08

In IAM parlance, a "first party" context is when a single organisation owns both the identity provider as well as the relying party applications that are connected to it.

There is little doubt that OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 are great standards and have done much to enable federated identity ecosystems across the globe. While there is a tendency for IAM professionals to argue for the use of these protocols in virtually any situation, the reality is that they were designed and built with the third-party use case in mind, and there can often be significant obstacles to delivering an elegant customer experience in a first-party context.

In this session, Rob will explore some of the obstacles and objections he has faced when proposing OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 for real-world CIAM deployments, with particular focus on
- brand experience
- multi-channel interoperability
- developer productivity, and
- session management

In so doing, he will make the case for rethinking some of the advice we give and the standards we build.

Rob Otto
Ping Identity
Rob is a Principal Architect for Ping Identity in the UK and also the EMEA representative to the Ping Identity CTO Office. Rob has 20 years experience in identity and access management. He has...
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