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Will AI be a good neighbor? - Responsible AI 2.1

Will AI be a good neighbor? - Responsible AI 2.1

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 17:30—17:50
Location: B 05

In the last 10 years machine learning has become ubiquitous and touches all lives in ways that was unimaginable before. The machines can make decisions that required considerable human effort at a much faster speed and reduced cost with a little human oversight. As a result, machines don’t just have a higher than before influence in shaping our lives but are also under increased scrutiny by both regulators as well as user rights advocates.

The adage “with great power comes great responsibility” has long been used – from French revolution to superhero comics. It has never been truer as the great power that machine learning wields is now in the hands of almost anyone making a software product. It ranges from giving people access to the funds that can alter their lifepath, medical diagnosis that can increase their life expectancy or reduce it dramatically to their social media feed that cannot just provide them the content that keeps them engaged, but also polarise their beliefs by feeding them information that reinforces their existing notions.

Given this, it’s important to look at AI from lens of Responsible and Ethical AI where the talk will go through Fairness (discrimination-free algorithms), explainability (from data, model, business, risk and counterfactuals), Privacy (design and algorithms), accountability, sustainability. The talk will give real life examples from different domains and suggestions on implementation methods of RAI. And extend the concept of RAI to much talked about Gen AI (ChatGPT, BARD etc) as well.

Sray Agarwal
Senior Director
Fractal AI
Sray Agarwal has applied AI and analytics from Financial Services to Hospitality and has led the development of Responsible AI framework for multiple banks in the UK and the US. after completing...
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