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The business Entity as an Authentic Source for Attributes

The business Entity as an Authentic Source for Attributes

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 16:10—16:30
Location: A 03-04

eIDAS version 2 introduces a new trust service that will significantly impact the identity landscape: the provisioning of attestations of attributes. Having attributes issued by a qualified trust provider will greatly enhance the reliability and availability of attributes required for business decisions. Businesses generate data about themselves and other natural and legal persons, and they are the authentic source of the attributes they generate. Hypervault (https://hypervault.com/) and Trust Agency (https://www.trust-agency.eu/) are collaborating on a study to explore the use of attributes generated in business entities, the impact on business processes, and the requirements for issuing, distributing, and validating trustworthy attributes. This presentation will disseminate some of the outcomes of that study, including what businesses need to do to tap into the potential of these authentic business attributes. We will also discuss how eIDAS 2 can help exploit the potential of these attributes to improve automation, strengthen security, and even open up new business processes that were previously impossible.

Wim Mintiens
Managing Partner
Trust Agency
Wim has over 30 years of experience in providing trust services (PKI) and electronic signature services. He started his career as a project manager for government and defence projects at a Belgian...
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