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Trust, Resilience, AI

Trust, Resilience, AI

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 15:30—16:30

Building Trust in AI through Decentralized Identity

In this panel session we will discuss how decentralized identity techniques can help mitigate threats posed by LLMs such as deep fakes. Approaches relying on detection can result in an arms race; in contrast, decentralized identity techniques allow stronger infrastructure enabling trust by design, easy content authenticity detection, and more.

Wayne Chang
Wayne Chang is the CEO of SpruceID, a technology company with the mission to let users control their identity and data across all their digital interactions. SpruceID provides open-source...
Kim Hamilton Duffy
Executive Director
Decentralized Identity Foundation
Kim Hamilton Duffy is Executive Director of Decentralized Identity Foundation. She is passionate about creating innovative and human-centered solutions that unlock new opportunities for individuals...
Linda Jeng
Adjunct Professor
Georgetown University Law Center
Linda Jeng is the Chief Global Regulatory Officer and General Counsel of the Crypto Council for Innovation. She is also the Visiting Scholar on Financial Technology and Adjunct Professor of Law at...
Building Resilient Identity Systems: Lessons from the Wild West of Web3

In the midst of the crypto turmoil, identity pioneers are drawing out the real technological value from beneath the chaos. Web3’s unbounded exploration of digital identity and incentive systems, although often futile, offers invaluable insights into the dynamics of people and technology within complex systems.

This talk will unpack the lessons learned from building within the decentralised identity layer, and the implications for constructing resilient systems in context of the eIDAS 2.0 rollout. Misha will explore how you can let users control the creation, separation, and unification of their digital identities while safeguarding their privacy and minimising data risks.

Misha Deville
Misha is a co-founder of Mailchain, enabling secure communication between decentralised identifiers. She works with companies that are driving innovation in web3 and in traditional organisations to...
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