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Battle-Tested Strategies for SaaS IGA

Battle-Tested Strategies for SaaS IGA

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 15:50—16:10
Location: B 07-08

A candid session on SaaS IGA procurement. As a seasoned IAM professional, Janne will share practical insights from the field. Learn how to craft effective RFPs, assess vendors, and align solutions with your unique needs.

Discover the art of balancing technical prowess and strategic decisions. Explore the shift from on-premises to cloud-driven IAM, maintaining security while gaining SaaS-benefits. Leverage battle-tested strategies to empower your organization’s IGA journey.


Janne Kuparinen
Currently working as Tech Lead at S Group's IAM Program. Helping S Group with IAM, PAM, security and cloud related projects. Before I joined SOK again, I was leading Nordcloud’s Digital...
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