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IAM Architecture

IAM Architecture

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 14:30—15:30
Location: B 07-08
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Everything I Needed to Know About Identity Governance I Learned from D&D

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In today's digital landscape, organizations face the critical challenge of protecting sensitive data and ensuring appropriate access controls for their resources. Identity governance plays a pivotal role in addressing this challenge. In this engaging and interactive session, we will embark on a unique journey inspired by the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) to explore the intricacies of building and managing an identity governance program. Drawing parallels between the quests undertaken in D&D and the challenges faced in IAM, we will examine the key components of an IAM system. Along the way we'll build our character sheets, map the dungeon, face external threats, combat monsters, acquire artifacts, and, hopefully, level-up upon successful completion of our quest.

Stephen Hutchinson
Director of Security Architecture
Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo
Steve “Hutch” Hutchinson is the Director of Security Architecture at MUFG. After cutting his teeth in C/C++ software development and network engineering, Hutch spent a decade as an...
Panel: Real-World Success with Identity Architecture Programs

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Effective Identity Architecture programs have become crucial for organizations of all sizes and industries. IAM solutions empower businesses to securely manage user identities, control access to resources, and protect sensitive information. However, moving beyond your documented framework to implementing and achieving real-world success with an identity architecture program can present enormous challenges and complexities. This panel discussion brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who have successfully navigated the intricacies of using their identity architecture programs to achieve tangible results in their respective organizations. They will share their insights, experiences, and best practices in deploying and maintaining IAM solutions to drive real-world success.

Key topics to be explored during the panel discussion include: 1) understanding the fundamental components of a robust identity architecture, 2) addressing common challenges organizations face when implementing IAM solutions, such as organizational resistance, cultural change, budget constraints, and aligning IAM with business objectives, 3) exploring the critical role of IAM in ensuring data security and regulatory compliance, 4) balancing security with user experience to create seamless and intuitive IAM workflows, 5) navigating the complexities of IAM implementation in cloud-based and hybrid environments, and 6) identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of an identity architecture.

Attendees will gain valuable insights from the diverse perspectives of the panelists, enabling them to make informed decisions and overcome challenges when implementing or enhancing their own IAM architectures. Whether attendees are new to IAM or seeking to optimize their existing solutions, this panel discussion will provide actionable strategies and lessons learned for achieving real-world success with identity architecture in today's dynamic business environment.

Matthias Bauer
Sr. Manager, Software Development
One Identity
Matthias Bauer is the Senior Manager of Product Development for Identity Manager and Senior architect for Identity Governance solutions. Prior to One Identity, Matthias was at Dell Security and...
Ian Glazer
Weave Identity
Ian Glazer is an accomplished IT Thought Leader and Product Management Executive with extensive experience in identity management, privacy, compliance, and access governance. He is a strategic...
Stephen Hutchinson
Director of Security Architecture
Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo
Steve “Hutch” Hutchinson is the Director of Security Architecture at MUFG. After cutting his teeth in C/C++ software development and network engineering, Hutch spent a decade as an...
Mike Kiser
Director, Strategy and Standards
Mike Kiser has held a panoply of industry positions over the past 20 years—from the Office of the CTO to Security Strategist to Security Analyst to Security Architect—that might imply...
Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst
Martin Kuppinger is Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, a leading analyst company for identity focused information security, both in classical and in cloud environments. Prior to...
Sanjay Nadimpalli
Founder and CEO
Tuebora Inc
Sanjay established Tuebora with a strong conviction in the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language interfaces in IAM, aiming to slash costs, enhance organizational efficiency, bolster...
Craig Ramsay
Senior Solution Architect
Craig is a Senior Solution Architect at Omada with over a decade of experience in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) field. Having started his career as a Computer Science graduate in 2008,...
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