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AI Agents and Identity Wallets: Preserving Privacy in Data Sharing

AI Agents and Identity Wallets: Preserving Privacy in Data Sharing

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 12:40—13:00
Location: A 03-04

AI agents will play a pivotal role in boosting productivity and quality of life for many people. However, AI agents are often hampered by the lack of necessary context to complete critical tasks. Sharing unrestricted access to personal data with an AI agent leads to serious privacy concerns.

This presentation seeks to address these challenges by introducing a novel approach utilizing verifiable credentials and identity wallets to give an AI agent selective access to personal data in a privacy preserving manner. Trinsic’s CEO, Riley Hughes, will share a never-before-seen demo of how a user can create a trusted identity in the form of a verifiable credential, then utilize the identity attributes to allow an AI agent to act on his behalf in a personalized manner. While the actions are performed by the AI agent, there will be a trusted link back to a real human who has given verifiable permission to the AI agent to access their data.

Riley Hughes
Riley is a leader in the self-sovereign identity (SSI) community. As the second employee hired at the Sovrin Foundation, Riley established and led several teams. He started Trinsic to...
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