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Gabba Gabba IAM: The Day Old IAM Died

Gabba Gabba IAM: The Day Old IAM Died

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 12:30—12:45
Location: B 07-08

The Ramones took the boredom out of Rock&Roll. They played it faster and with more fun. And they invented a new genre. Three fresh ingredients will reshape IAM as we know it today like the Ramones did with R&R. Graph DBs, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Temporal Graph Networks will reshape IGA, addressing the complexity and lack of temporal insights. This session will provide a practical understanding of how these three new ingredients will reshape the way we think about IGA and make our current nightmares (high costs, business dissatisfaction, and poor UX) a thing of the past.

Dr. Andrea Rossi
Identity Investor & Advisor
Andrea Rossi is a Senior IT & Cybersecurity expert, investing and providing business advisory and temporary management to start-ups and emerging companies. He served 20+ years as a business...
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