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Identity Convergence & Integration Among Platforms

Identity Convergence & Integration Among Platforms

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 11:40—12:00
Location: B 07-08
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Holcim is a global leader in innovation and sustainable building solutions and has been running its Identity Management program in EMEA for the past eight years.  The program had reached a high level of maturity, but the time came to improve the connectivity between the different IAM platforms so that they could be combined into an Identity Fabric. This session will share in a practical and tangible manner how this was approached, the lessons learned, and the challenges faced along the way

Samuel López Trenado
User Lifecycle Supervisor
Holcim Emea Digital Center
Samuel is a cybersecurity professional passionate about the Identity and access management subjects. During his professional career in Holcim, he worked several years in the directories...
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