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Can you trust AI in IAM?

Can you trust AI in IAM?

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 09:10—09:30
Location: C 01
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Generative AI is significantly transforming the landscape of Identity and Access Management, making it more efficient, secure, and responsive to modern needs. This transformation is evident in several use cases, impacting various user personas within organizations. However, a carefully designed, gradual adoption might be preferable to build the confidence that any change entails and to allow for the proper ramp-up of both AI models and user trust.

Jason Keenaghan
Director of Product Management
Jason Keenaghan is the Director of Product Management for Thales OneWelcome Identity Platform. In this role, he is responsible for defining the vision and delivering on the strategy of a unified...
Marco Venuti
IAM Business Acceleration Director
Marco Venuti is IAM Enablement and Acceleration Director at Thales Group. Marco has 20+ years of direct experience in Identity & Security, having worked for multiple solution vendors in Sales...
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