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Can you trust AI in IAM?

Can you trust AI in IAM?

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 09:10—09:30

AI has taken a center stage in identity verification and authentication. What are the risks & biases and how does that impact customer experience, architecture and compliance?

BenoƮt Jouffrey
CTO of Thales Digital Identity & Security
Thales Digital Identity & Security
Benoît is actually the CTO of Thales Digital Identity & Security.   He is in charge of the worldwide technical and innovation strategic plan and overall engineering...
Maarten Stultjens
VP Global Enablement IAM
Thales Digital Identity and Security
Maarten is VP Global Enablement IAM at Thales Digital Identity and Security. He has a passion for identity and access management (IAM) and information security. On a daily basis he is in close...
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