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What Do Movie Production and a Good IAM Project Have in Common?

What Do Movie Production and a Good IAM Project Have in Common?

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 08:50—09:10
Location: C 01
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In this talk, Tuukka will walk through the last three years of producing quality features for Wärtsilä’s Workforce IAM project as well as tips and design principals to accomplish a good delivery cadence and meet project delivery targets.

Wärtsilä is a 190-year-old global company with a headcount around 20,000. Throughout its long history, innovation and change have been in its DNA. So for its IAM project, how did they produce a compelling, well-paced, and narratively engaging Joiner, Mover, Leaver Framework and be creative under pressure? This IAM project has all the twists and turns of a feature film!

Tuukka will review:

  • How Wärtsilä undertook current state analysis.
  • How they defined their IAM project: least privilege for hardening and attack surface minimization.
  • Their development and integration approach.
  • Why they chose a solution built on ServiceNow and why a pilot was needed.
  • The story arc from April 2022 to now and the features they have implemented.
  • Plans for the sequel...
Tuukka Kekarainen
Identity and Access Management Architect, CISSP
Tuukka's IT career started 25 years ago as a web application developer where he got to work with LDAPs and implemented self-registration, authentication, and access management solutions for a...
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