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Counselors in the Modern Era: Advancing Identity Management

Counselors in the Modern Era: Advancing Identity Management

Tuesday, June 04, 2024 18:10—18:30
Location: C 01
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We, as an industry, have been working on identity management for quite some time. But, from some perspectives, we haven’t made progress. We have solved many of the problems of user account management, but we have yet to solve the problems of identity management to the same extent. The magical future where I can put the supercomputer on my wrist to work in a way that delivers real value and not just interesting insights and alerts feels both disappointingly far away yet tantalizingly within our grasp. In this talk, Ian Glazer puts forward the concept of counselors: software agents that act on one’s behalf to make introductions of the individual to a service and vice versa, perform recognition of these services and associated credentials, and prevent or at least inhibit risky behavior, such as dodgy data sharing. Counselors are a way to both humanize online interactions and make meaningful (as in meaningful and valuable to the individual) progress on solving the challenges of digital identity management.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why solving for user account management is only part of the story
  • How the notion of counselors fills the remaining gaps
  • What is required to make counselors real
  • Steps you can take today towards identity management
Ian Glazer
Weave Identity
Ian Glazer is an accomplished IT Thought Leader and Product Management Executive with extensive experience in identity management, privacy, compliance, and access governance. He is a strategic...
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