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The EU AI Act: The Challenge of Balancing Responsible Innovation

The EU AI Act: The Challenge of Balancing Responsible Innovation

Tuesday, June 04, 2024 16:50—17:05
Location: C 01
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Kai Zenner from the European Parliament will address the critical facets of the coming EU AI Act, a pioneering regulatory framework aimed at steering the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies. This keynote will focus on the intricacies of harmonizing technological advancement with ethical governance and societal well-being.

Zenner will outline the Act’s key objectives, focusing on its dual ambition to foster innovation in AI while ensuring robust protections for individual rights and societal values. The session will highlight the Act's potential to set global standards, its implications for AI developers and users, and the challenges of implementing such comprehensive legislation in a dynamic and rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the legislative process, the Act’s provisions, and the broader impact of this regulatory approach on Europe's digital market and global tech leadership. Zenner's expertise will shine a light on the delicate balance between promoting cutting-edge AI research and ensuring that such innovations are developed responsibly and ethically, aligning with European values and global human rights standards.

Kai Zenner
Head of Office for MEP Axel Voss
European Parliament
Digital enthusiast focusing on AI, data and the EU's digital transition. Soft spot for interinstitutional reforms and the 'Better Regulation Agenda'. Cooperative and pragmatic approach, always...
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