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Reflections & Predictions on the Future Use (and Mis-Use) of Generative AI in the Enterprise and Beyond

Combined Session
Friday, May 12, 2023 13:30—14:30
Location: B 07-08

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and applications, from creating realistic images and videos to generating natural language responses. This Future Enterprise Use of Generative AI Deep Dive session will explore the current state and future trends of Generative AI technologies. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI technology and its current and future applications in various industries.

Over the last years, Generative AI has presented significant advancements in industries such as software development, finance, insurance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, etc. It is expected that in the coming years Generative AI will enable businesses and organizations to create more personalized and engaging experiences for customers, optimize operations, and make more accurate decisions.

However, with great progress comes great responsibility. The growing sophistication of these algorithms also raises concerns about their impact on society, such as the potential for misuse, bias, and the displacement of human jobs. Generative AI poses significant challenges as well as opportunities. It is therefore essential to balance the development of Generative AI with responsible research and ethical considerations to ensure that its advantages can be harnessed while minimizing its potential disadvantages.”

Marina Iantorno
Marina Iantorno
KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Marina joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in April 2022. Her main areas of expertise are Business, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Background and Education: Marina holds a...
Alejandro Leal
Alejandro Leal
Alejandro joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in December 2021. His main areas of expertise include digital transformation in the public and private sector, managing business in...


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