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U Wallet – eIDAS 2.0: The New European Identity Framework is a Gamechanger

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 12:20—12:40

The existing eIDAS governance framework for digital identity is fragmented for different regulated markets in different EU countries. Today identity provider solutions for finance, healthcare and other regulated markets follow central approaches for the management of identities and consent in high secure data center environments and using legacy standards (e.g. OIDC, central public key infrastructure).

eIDAS 2.0 creates a EU wide identity ecosystem with adapted new standards, new stakeholders and a focus on using mobile devices. The existing roadmap allows to anticipate three to five years (or more) transition. For banking, insurance, healthcare or the public sector it is time to adopt these standards in their digital transformation strategy.

Based on the Gematik requirements for a federated identity provider with central OIDC compliant resource and authorization server Comuny shifted relevant identity provider functions (data storage + token generation) on the mobile device.

The speakers will describe challenges and solutions for this regulated market. They also discuss the chance to combine existing central OIDC flows with mobile decentral, wallet based principles as a bridge into the new eIDAS 2.0 governance framework. The audience will get a clear understanding about requirements, opportunities and practice details to create the transition into eIDAS 2.0 identity ecosystem.

Dr. Dominik Deimel
Dr. Dominik Deimel
As an entrepreneur and expert in digital change management, Dominik Deimel has many years of experience in accompanying change processes in companies and their transformation into digital...
Sven Schreyer
Sven Schreyer
Sven Schreyer is Director in the Cybersecurity & Privacy practice at PwC Germany and leads a team of experts in the area of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and IT Security. He has over...


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