Data & Ethics
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Data & Ethics

Combined Session
Thursday, May 11, 2023 17:30—18:30

How Much Data do You Need to Collect to Really Know Your Customer

Overview of types of data and how it can be used as well user consent models that organizations should consider with consumer facing services

Denny Prvu
Denny Prvu
Royal Bank of Canada
Denny Prvu has been fortunate enough to work around the world with public and private sector organizations as a strategist, architect, and communicator on identity, security, and privacy topics for...

Three Pillars of Secure Development - Why Nobody Cares and How to Fix That

Speed to market, extensive use of so-called standards and the quest for low cost: Successful product development is using lopsided metrics. That comes with a big penalty - from physical product safety and cyber security, companies around the world spend big money on fixes that often come too late. Learn about three often overlooked pillars of successful, resilient product lifecycles and what leverage unexpected skills like penetration testing can apply.

Philipp Schneidenbach
Philipp Schneidenbach
Ventum Consulting
Philipp Schneidenbach is working as Principal at Ventum Consulting in Munich. He specialises in the area of IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management.Mr. Schneidenbach was...

Ethics in Security Design - For Digital Identity

Digital Identity and Security solutions impact our environment, typically in a positive and securing manner. However research shows that increasingly digitization of identity services, for digital identity, also exclude and harm individuals.
In this presentation Henk will detail his research into the impact of digital identity solutions on nation state level and how to start involving ethics in the design and implementation of these solutions.
The findings also apply to designing and implementing security solutions for other purposes than digital identity.
The approach to engage with ethical conversations during design will be explained theoretically, linking to the background of Value Sensistive Design ( and made practical by case studies of Ethics in Security Design.
Henk has been researching the ethics of digital identity at Leiden University, NL, in 2022.

Drs. Henk Marsman
Drs. Henk Marsman
Henk Marsman is independent researcher on Digital Identity and Ethics as well as principal consultant with SonicBee, an IAM Advisory Organization. Before that Henk was Global Service Owner Identity...


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