Deep Fakes; Passwordless
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Deep Fakes; Passwordless

Combined Session
Thursday, May 11, 2023 15:30—16:30
Location: A 03-04

Trends in Passwordless Authentication for CIAM

Passwordless helps in reducing ATO fraud, provides better security, and smoother experience. But the passwordless approach for each organization and region is fundamentally different, in large part because the journeys or flows that your customers will take are unique. In this session Huzefa Olia will talk about the various options that an organization can introduce for Passwordless access for their customers. 

Huzefa Olia
Huzefa Olia
Huzefa is a leader in Identity & Access Management with twenty years of experience in running various roles across multiple software organizations. Prior to joining 1Kosmos, Huzefa led the...

Breaking the Good User / Bad User Silos to Create a Better Passwordless Experience

Do you know during the peak holiday season, 75% of the traffic on your site can be malicious or bot?

In 2022, there has been an 85% increase in Account takeover and it results in not only monetary losses but also losing consumer trust.

To address these, the right authentication strategy is a combination of active authentication (SMS, Push Notification, WebAuthn, passkeys) and passive authentication that includes IP reputation, device fingerprinting, and user behavior analysis. This enables a frictionless experience for “good users” without lowering the defenses for “bad users.”
In this session, we’ll explore Dark Web techniques, open-source tools, and services that fraudsters use for credential stuffing, fake account creation, and account takeovers. In addition, we’ll share a practitioner's viewpoint on rolling out various active and passive authentication solutions and how the convergence of identity and fraud can help you build the right passwordless strategy.

Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain
Arkose Labs
is a product leader with 25+ years of experience, strong engineering background, and deep expertise in identity, security, and consumer fraud. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkose Labs...

How Deepfakes Are Changing the Landscape of Identity Fraud and How Can We Prevent the Risks

Explore the latest developments in deepfake technology and its impact on identity fraud. With deepfakes becoming increasingly realistic and widespread, it is essential for businesses and organisations to understand the risks they pose and take action to mitigate them. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks posed by deepfakes to the identity verification industry and how to protect their organisations from them effectively. The session will feature expert insights and real-world examples of how businesses and organisations can implement deepfake detection technology and other measures to prevent identity fraud.

Parya Lotfi
Parya Lotfi
Parya is the co-founder of DuckDuckGoose and has a background in systems engineering and policy analysis. By combining her technical skills with her knowledge of Grand Challenges, she applies an...


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