Securing the Future of Digital Identity
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Securing the Future of Digital Identity

Thursday, May 11, 2023 09:50—10:10
Location: C 01

Today’s identity systems are a centralized collection of user data, and have become the #1 target for attackers. According to the Verizon DBIR, more than 80% of breaches start with compromised credentials.Decentralized identity represents a massive paradigm shift to a safer, more secure future by making the user's device the transport mechanism for that single user's data. In other words, no more “trusted” third parties. Decentralized identity eliminates the need to build connections into federation systems, and reduces the amount of personally identifiable information organizations must collect.In short, we’ll discuss how shifting to a decentralized identity model reduces risk for organizations while simultaneously improving users privacy.

Candace Worley
Candace Worley
Ping Identity
Candace Worley joined Ping Identity as Chief Product Officer (CPO) in May of 2020. As CPO, she is responsible for advancing global product vision, leading technical product innovation efforts and...


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