Women in Identity Panel
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From Identity Theft to Identity Threat to Identity Security

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 14:30—15:30
Location: B 09

Identity has been always an ambiguous term. Identities exist in a sociocultural and organizational context and in technical ones. We have Digital Identities and eIDs and not only do individuals have identities but so do organizations and non-humans, especially in technical contexts.

Identities had been always under threat, starting with theft of individuals’ identities and credentials in the physical world, such as credit cards and passports. However, these threats have not been on a large scale. We all know that this has changed dramatically with the digitization of everyone and everything. Social engineering, phishing emails, buying credentials in the dark web have become a serious threat to businesses and individuals. These threats have reached new heights with the numerous attacks on identity infrastructures, be it corporate directories or government eID infrastructure.

In this panel, we will explore the identity threats to individuals and organizations, how they are managed, and how identity security can be achieved from a prevention, detection, and management perspective.

Melissa Carvalho
Melissa Carvalho
Royal Bank of Canada
Melissa Carvalho, RBC Global Cyber Security Vice President, leads the Cyber security Planning office and the bank’s Global Identity and Access Management group, providing cyber solutions and...
Kay Chopard
Kay Chopard
Kantara Initiative
Ms. Kay Chopard is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative, a nonprofit corporation. The Kantara Initiative is a unique global ‘commons’ that operates...
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Jacoba is a digital identity expert, eager to make digital life better and a lot more secure than it is today. Keynote speaker at international IAM congresses and teacher of masterclasses. ...
Dr. Angelika Steinacker
Dr. Angelika Steinacker
IBM Security Services EMEA
Angelika has extensive experience in Security and Identity & Access Management. She has been working in the security industry for over 30 years and with a focus on IAM for 20 years. In her...


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