Implementing Identity-First Zero Trust
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Orchestrating Zero Trust - "Detect, Decide, Direct"

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 12:45—13:00
Location: A 03-04

The Zero Trust paradigm, the approach of eliminating inherent trust in an IT architecture and always verifying, has been discussed for over a decade. It is well known that Zero Trust is a team sport, with Identity in the center. The many components, from IGA to Device Management, Network-segmentation to contextual awareness and beyond can be fulfilled by as many vendors, bearing the question about how to integrate these for a secure and convenient user experience. While there may be integrations available for some components, they will most likely be disjointed and/or require custom development, making it a challenge to be agile and innovative.

An alternative to the described problem would be Orchestrating Zero Trust, applying the approach of "Detect, Decide, Direct". Through Orchestration the task of gathering all signals and relevant information (Detect) for an appropriate authorization decision (Decide), and continuing with the proper next step(s) (Direct) can be fulfilled in a flexible manner, facilitating customization in a future proof manner.

In this session we will describe the "Detect, Decide, Direct" approach and see how Orchestration can be a key enabler of Zero Trust.

Orchestrating Zero Trust -
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Orchestrating Zero Trust - "Detect, Decide, Direct"
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Orchestrating Zero Trust -
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Orchestrating Zero Trust - "Detect, Decide, Direct"
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Mehmet Yaliman
Mehmet Yaliman
Ping Identity
After studying Bioinformatics, Mehmet found himself as a developer, and shortly thereafter he changed his focus to the Identity space, where has been working for over a decade now, spending time in...


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